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IMPORTANT! We Need your help!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nation, Apr 6, 2017.

By Nation on Apr 6, 2017 at 7:39 PM
  1. Nation

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    May 31, 2015
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    Hello, Radical Exploits Users

    Today i would like to discuss a short topic. For the past few months the site activity has dramatically decreased, we believe is the fact the console modding is starting to before a thing of the past, so i call all users here today to discuss some terms i will like to forward in a different approach for the site.

    I am open to any ideas so please feel free to leave anything that will be of use.

    Lets make RadicalExploits.com great again!

    - Your friendly Admin
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nation, Apr 6, 2017.

    1. Merlijn
      Cracking forum ;)
    2. Wrapzii
      idk more ps4 stuff? or more PC
    3. kali-_-linux
      defo the cracking tools
    4. kali-_-linux
      and coding the right way as so many vids on youtube but no one finishes there tools so you end up something that doesn't work
    5. kali-_-linux
      and your booter needs updating to have more attacks going and for longer then i buy it and do a life time plan
    6. Nation
      speak to @Fearless The God as he is the owner of the booter.
    7. kali-_-linux

      thanks will do :p
    8. RE|MT Jo-Milk
      RE|MT Jo-Milk
      I think we should make it more wide range like modding is about creativity and any platform such as pc also you should try to be in the ps4 scene alot has been released just need to put time into it as a groupe with save resigning it's easy to edit and the webkit exploit (userland easy to port) watch failoverflow talk about the console

      also true a lot of people don't finish there tools
    9. MRUK
      Just work on nextgen bro.... this is (MRUK) btw
    10. Master Flame
      Master Flame
      Ah, remember that this site is meant to be run and managed by the users.
      The goal of this site isn't to make money off of our users, as on N.G.U, you know, but nextgen modding... Yeah, of course, but that isn't something all can be a part of, because getting the PS4 with a 1.76 firmware is hard and limited.

      Then again, were it to happen again, like the ps3, geohot, then nextgen modding would boom like ps3 modding. But then users would have to post and share there as a community here. Out of free will and working together on projects, as I did back in my modding days on N.G.U. Ect.

      R.E is in coma right now, I am keeping it alive, even when it should be declared dead, but maybe there is hope for this forum. False hope maybe, but I have only good intentions at heart with this forum.

    11. Avoid
      I liked how RE was back in summer of '15
    12. Beastmodz108
    13. drew115676
      Keep the premium console ids updated reguarly there really good , keeping active ones will bring more users and activity to the site also keep modders going . But overall everything is good
    14. RE|MT Jo-Milk
      RE|MT Jo-Milk
      Suggestion Maybe change the Layout of the different discussions it's a mess Lets focus On the more popular discussions For Exemple you should see PS3 the rest are sub categories
      Like There is shell etc C++ and much more maybe put all this in PC discussion then make them subsections like this by clicking pc you see the active discussions and if you are searching for specific well you search the sub discussions

      other exemple GAMES then cod battlefield etc

      I'm just throwing this idea

      PS4 news should be copy pasted if it has good source like to keep people up to date
    15. Master Flame
      Master Flame
      Make a nodetree on what you wish to see?

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