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RadicalExploits' Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Master Flame, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Master Flame

    Master Flame
    Staff Member Administrator /ourguy/ Registered

    Feb 8, 2015
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    • No Post Spamming - Post Spamming is When You post Irrelevant Messages On the Forums If you are caught doing it multiple times it could result in a ban . Side Note by getting your post count up by Commenting on everything will not get you Staff or Employee position.

    • No posting porn/spam in forums - We have an 18+ section in premium. thats the only place porn is allowed. Spam of any kind will result in a month ban. (if bad enough, you could get perma-banned or even IP Banned.)

    • No posting of RATS or any other harmful software - We like to keep our members safe, and that means to keep them out of harms way as best as we can. If you are caught posting an infected file you will get perma banned and possibly even IP banned. We take this very serious and expect you to as well. Please refer to the layout of when you post a tool here.

    • No Anonymous symbols - It's against the rules having avatars, signatures or any pictures linked to your account that symbolizes Anonymous or are in support of Anonymous.

    • No LGBT people or propaganda allowed - We simply do not want degenerate culture or propaganda promoted on this site which involve LGBT or the culture of the rainbow.

    • Listen to/Respect staff - If a staff member doesn't like how your attitude is, whats in your thread, or anything else. You are expected to listen to them the first time they tell you to do something. insubordination can result in an hour ban(or longer). Disrespecting staff can get you longer time. Let me make this very clear, if a staff member bans you for any reason whatsoever, do not argue with the ban, do not try to point out that you weren't breaking any rules. We have our reasoning behind the bans. We are staff, you are members. Arguing with staff and/or asking another staff member to unban you can and will result in longer ban time. If an admin feels you were banned wrongfully, it will be taken care of.

    • Posting Downloads - You need to post a virusscan long if it's an .exe file.

    • Premiums - If you are banned and your premium membership has not expired yet, you do not get any refunds whatsoever. It is YOUR job to follow the rules, and it's your choice to behave. It's also your choice to spend your own money. Do not expect a refund just because you were banned for breaking the rules.

    • Rep Boosting - If you are caught rep boosting, both parties will be banned and have their rep wiped.

    • No false credits - This means that if you give yourself or another credits for something that does not belong to you or the other. This does also mean that if you take stuff from this site and post it on another and claim that you've made it and give yourself credits but not the one who owns it. This can lead to a ban or a warning.

    • No false virus scans - Those who posts tools in threads needs to make sure the their virus scan is up-to-date and isn't faked. If your scan is fake you can face: Getting your download link removed until explanation/research. Getting your thread closed. Getting a warning and worst case are to be banned.

    Please also note:
    ONLY Moderators, Admins, and of course Super Admins are allowed to change the rules at anytime they feel it is necessary so it is up to you to check these rules every so often for any updates. The staffs can also ban by other reasons of those above. There will no refunds regarding Premium.

    Please note that if you come from either a faggot or jew site you will be instantly BANNED period.
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  2. Commiepig

    Commiepig Registered

    Feb 8, 2015
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  3. Recvos

    Recvos Employee
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    Feb 13, 2015
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    Nice rules
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  4. prestonsback

    prestonsback RE Senior Retired Moderator
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    Jul 8, 2015
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    Nicely put together and said.
  5. Merlijn

    Merlijn Moderator
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    May 9, 2015
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    agree ^

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