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Jewish Leaders discuss how to subvert Poland

Discussion in 'Alt-Right General' started by Master Flame, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Master Flame

    Master Flame
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    Feb 8, 2015
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    Stems from a "modern art project" "And Europe Will Be Stunned" by Yael Bartana
    They "fake" it like this for the public to call people crazy when such thing actually takes place.

    Methods like this (art projects, satire, etc) allow the Jew to be overt about their schemes, while still claiming to be innocent. This is quite similar to the tactics of Jon Stewart who whenever his work went over the top/ was wrong and started being criticized by political pundits/news organizations he would retreat behind the "lol i'm just a comedian guise!" wall.

    This is from 2012 - The current Polish government is not under the foreign influence as it could be.

    Alternative link: http://radicalexploits.com/fascist/1488/jewishcancer1.mp4

    Topics being talked about in this video
    1: Polish citizenship to all immigrants!

    2: Reintegration tax to cover the cost of moving 3.3 million Jews to Poland!

    3: Hebrew as the second official language in Poland!

    4: Dismissal notice of the Polish state concerning the concordat with the Vatican state– each religious institution should act on the same level!

    5: Minorities House instead of Senate in Polish Parliament!

    6: Women in leadership positions, less men and more women at the work place.

    7: Homosexuality and subverting Christianity

    Among other things

    What is stated above is actual policy applied in Jewish occupied countries (Western Countries, even America under Trump such as immigration, tax policies that benefit Jews, women in work force and leadership positions, gay marriage, endless lgbt policies, subversion of our religion, culture and identity).
  2. Aquadice1

    Aquadice1 Active Member
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    Nov 24, 2017
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    I really hope Poland and Italy push back on the Jews and the EU it's not even conspiracy theories when you do your research every war every false sexual assault accusation it's always to the benefit of (((them))) and it always comes back to hurt white people as it's the white people fighting the wars and being accused
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