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VPN STATUS: ON (will turn it on if there's interest)

Apply for a user account for our VPN here: http://www.radicalexploits.com/inde...itss-vpn-user-account-free-for-premiums.2648/ get the ips needed for a connection here too.


How to use it and set it up:

Go to network and sharing center -> set up a new connection or network -> Connect to a workplace -> Create a new connection - > Use my internet connection (IP that you get in a pm) -> username and password typed -> online

leave domain blank.

Once done it will be saved here:

So you'll just have to press and connect xD

- Also if you have too many problem, I (xFLAMeHD_) can take over your pc via "AA_v3.5" which can be downloaded here: http://www.ammyy.com/en/downloads.html